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Crisp and fruity


With an Intensity level of 4/5, Kilimanjaro is a balanced coffee with rich flavors achieved through the craftsmanship of our blending and roasting.

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One of Africa’s finest coffees


A unique single origin coffee from one of the highest mountains in the world. In this area the coffee cherries are carefully cultivated in a fertile volcanic soil, surrounded by lush vegetation, washed by glacial water and then dried under the heat of the African sun. This pure 100% Arabica bean from the peak of Kilimanjaro is roasted to a medium level, to create a triumphantly crisp flavor with sweet, fruity notes and an inviting aroma.

How to prepare

Kilimanjaro Tanzania coffee is ideal for drip coffee makers and French presses.

For the perfect cup of coffee, follow Lavazza's expert tips. 

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100% pure Arabica, with an inviting aroma from the mountain peak!

Savor Kilimanjaro black to discover its distinctive flavor profile.

A delectable single origin from Tanzania