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The world's largest espresso school dedicated to training bar professionals

Coffee School, the world's largest coffee school.

The Lavazza Training Center organizes training courses for baristas, restaurant staff, sales reps, distributors, new recruits, consumers, journalists, and opinion leaders.

The training program covers specific courses on coffee, which teach how to prepare a perfect espresso, latte or cappuccino art, and how to recognize the sensory characteristics of coffee. There are also managerial courses regarding marketing, visual merchandising and café management.

Thanks to the specific expertise provided by its team of experts, the subjects taught by the Training Center cover all the main areas of the coffee culture.

Coffee School

A journey to discover the sensory characteristics of coffee, from tastings of individual coffee origins to the professional methods of preparation.
Coffee School

Italy's most famous culinary institutions and associations united in a special partnership with the Lavazza Coffee School.
Coffee school

Find out about the training offered by Lavazza for baristas, barmen and women, catering staff, consumers and Lavazza professionals whose greatest passion is coffee and their work.